I am lucky.

I am doing what I love the most – Graphic Design and Art Direction. My work has helped me to learn about new cultures and the subtile differences around Europe and USA. I lived, loved and worked in Copenhagen, Tel Aviv, London and New York for the past 30 years, and am now located in Stockholm.

Lucky means that I get to work with all kinds of individuals and companies. From royalty to crooks and sometimes crooked royalties and of course the ordinary man. From the smallest one-man-band-company to massive corporations.

My expertise lies in simplicity.

Of course what you see in my portfolio is the past – let’s see what we can do together for the future.

I’m looking forward to hear from you.

But don't take my word for it

Dan Ayalon
CEO, Signatureglass

“Miki Less fluently integrates highly disciplined creativity with involving storytelling. Miki channels his experience to consistently deliver clarity, cutting to the core and stripping back unnecessary flourish to land precisely and elegantly on the key message. Wrapping his professional excellence, Miki is a true gentleman and a genuine pleasure to work with. Less is More.”

Kaj Runelund Brandstrategist | Speaker
Creator of BrandPics Brand Personality Test | Author/process owner of BrandTango | 5 steps to a strong internal brand

“Miki is an incredibly knowledgeable Art Director and his extensive experience and expertise exudes calm and security. Mikis humble way and creativity allows him to capture the moment of magic to create that extra, required to make a difference and touch. I look forward to translate and implement more of my brand and communication strategies with Miki .”

Rob Cunningham
CEO at Blackbird Interactive Inc

“Miki did a fantastic job with our corporate identity and branding. He was fast, professional and provided great value. it wowed our team and business associates who never expected a startup to rock such a sharp image so early on! Thanks Miki!”

BJ Cunningham
Owner, BJ Cunningham Limited. Partner, Agnostic Communications

“Miki is extraordinary. It is given that he is extremely talented, experienced and professional… a true Master. The thing that truly differentiates him is his empathy and wisdom. He delivers elegant solutions that are consistently top class, unexpected, clean and always and profoundly ‘spot on’.”

Kresten Bo Nielsen
Managing Partner, Rethink

“I think Miki is fantastic. Both as a person and professionally. I’ve worked with Miki for a decade and he’s without doubt one of the best conceptual designers I’ve met. Miki has a combination of very deep experience as a creative, very good and ‘safe’ personal taste and an international tonality in his design work that’s very unique and really ads value working with especially international lifestyle and premium brands.”

patrick isaak
Founder at ISAAK Inc

“Miki belongs to a rare species: A skilled graphic designer who actually takes the business issue of the task into account when developing proposals. He knows the fine art of balancing between idealism and pragmatism which means that he never builds castles in the sand, on the contrary, his solutions always work. And they look good! No matter if it is a logo, a corporate identity program or the design of a website.”

Mike Fromowitz
Partner, Chief Creative Officer, Ethnicity Multicultural Marketing + Advertising Inc.

“One simple line defines the man:
Miki Less is MORE!”